Vote | Women’s Loose Tank


Vote | Women’s Loose Tank


…because politics ain’t a spectator sport.

  • Vote original hand-lettered typographic design.
  • 65% / 35% Poly-viscose fabric blend so soft, you’ll wanna trade your skin for it.
  • Just DO it. Because Nike said so….



Earn up to 48 Points.

**FEELING CREATIVE? | Select a Custom Ink Color for this items print from the selections below.

If no color is selected, graphic will be printed in White.

Who’s this item for?

Name of heir-apparent.

Vote Women’s Relaxed Fit Flowy Scoop Muscle Tank
  • Custom-stitched Satin Woven Hem-tag & Size Labels.
  • Quality fabric produces a smooth, durable print.

Need more of a reason to vote? Dave Meslin explains the importance of voting and how YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE. 

Vote because every election matters. Vote because the choices you will make matter. Vote because elections aren’t simply about your representatives in Washington or who is president.

 Vote! And tell your friends to vote, too. Because the White House is no place for a petting zoo.

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Small, Medium, Large


Vintage Gray, Black, Asphalt, Black Slub, Black Marble, Royal Marble, White Marble


65% / 35% Poly-viscose blend


All our garments are freshly inked, pressed and packaged when ordered. Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.

ABC Note

Out of utmost respect for both the environment and human skin, we use water based inks. This allows for a more soft-handed, durable print that melds gently with the fibers of your garment, allowing it to age gracefully despite all those mandatory wash cycles.


Women's Loose Tank



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