Washing and Handling Your New Threads

Thanks for your purchase! We love you. Our Tee/Hoodie/etc. does, too.

While we’d love to offer you garments that take care of themselves, science just isn’t there yet (apparently they’re preoccupied with more important matters). Here are a few things you can do (and some things you shouldn’t) to make sure your new threads thrive while leading a long, well-kept life.

Improper cotton care is the leading cause of T-Shirt deaths around the world today. A natural fabric known for its convenience, comfort and durability, cotton is used in everything from basic shirts and skirts to underwear and denim.

We thought that it was time for someone to do the research and lay out the steps to properly care for these invaluable threads so as to not only raise awareness on the most common problem faced by Tees around the world today but to hopefully also ensure there are less casualties (resulting in less waste, YEA!).

First and Foremost: for the love of wardrobe essentials; dry cleaning your basic cotton threads is probably the least favorable approach (beyond the obvious stigma of being “that guy/ girl” who dry cleans their t-shirts & jeans…) Why? Dry cleaners often use equipment that generates excessive heat which can damage the fabric, ruin a printed logo, expand the size of existing pinholes, and destroy or warp other attributes.

So, what have we learned thus far?

NO DRY CLEANING. Washing Machine Only.

PRE-TREAT STAINS IN COLD WATER. Hot water will set most stains and can weaken the fibers. For tough stains, try an oxygen bleach like OxyClean.

WASHING INSIDE-OUT WITH SIMILAR COLORS protects the color of your garment as well as the print.

USE THE RIGHT DETERGENT.  We know it sounds obvious, but, just in case… when washing always use a gentle detergent, never bleach. Bleach will really eat into your threads like vengeance does the human soul.

USE COLD WATER for the wash cycle if the garments have only been lightly worn.


USE LUKEWARM WATER for the wash cycle if the garment has been heavily soiled.

MACHINE WASH GENTLY. USE PERM PRESS OR OTHER GENTLE CYCLE. We won’t push for the hand-wash method, because while we care about the perils of cotton garments with a passion, we also respect that you need your free time to explore yours.

TRY AND AVOID THE DRYER. OR TUMBLE DRY LOW/ DELICATE CYCLE. If possible, for the same reasons that dry cleaning is a no-no; excessive heat can be damaging, not to mention it causes cotton to lose softness. Hang dry if possible, or, please, for cotton’s sake, use the lowest possible setting on your machine.